The Community Honour Award

The jury will decide the winner of this category. See the nominees below.

Jens Ulrik Høgh

Freelance journalist and communications officer for Nordic Safari Club.
Jens Ulrik Høgh has been a spokesperson and communicator for hunting the last decade and he has without a doubt made a huge difference on how hunting is perceived by the general public. When a journalist need a hunter to join a debate about hunting Jens is their go to hunter. Jens also invites non-hunting journalists on hunts with him so they can see for themselves what hunting is about. Jens is tireless in the effort of writing fact based replies to the media slander of hunting not just in Denmark but also internationally. Jens does not only reply. He proactively tries to raise media interest to our cause and do so with the same means as the mainstream media. Provocative titles like "Would you like to buy 10 giraffes", his recent campaign to get celebrity anti hunters to put their money where their mouth is, gets attention and opens doors for fact based arguments and points.

Mette Karin Petersen

Passionate Instagram user with a Bachelor in Leisure Management with specialization within Hunting Tourism & Marketing.
Mette Karin Petersen is a relatively new hunter but nevertheless she has already gained extensive knowledge through her passion and her desire to learn and understand all the aspects of hunting. Mette has made a ripple effect in the hunting community with her project Venison Wednesday that has evolved into a free ebook last year with 33 recipes. The ebook got published on the biggest food blog in Denmark which resulted in a huge reach to a non hunting community. Under the slogan "Not everybody understands hunting, but everyone understands food" she has reached out to hunters and non hunters alike to share the wonders of hunting. Whether it is educating school children about hunting and butchering an animal or giving an interview about hunting to a radio show Mette is always ready to take the time and explain why she hunts.

Francesco Formisano

Veterinary surgeon and wildlife photographer.
Francesco Formisano is on a journey to show hunting in a positive light. He has an uncompromising and original way of including everyone in his daily life as a hunter, veterinary surgeon and as a wildlife photographer. Following Francesco is not only educational, it is also very funny. He has a certain way of balancing the challenges we face as hunters with his recognizable humor and self-irony. In 2017 Francesco founded the project Altitude and Trails with the purpose to give outsiders a glimpse into the hunting universe and bring to life the actual truths of hunting, especially for those who may not be familiar with the concept of conservation. The goal is also to inspire others to train their skills and their bodies prior to hunting and educate themselves about wildlife biology.

Pierre Norberg

Hunting journalist and host for the popular swedish hunting channel "Jakt är Jakt".
Pierre Norberg first joined his father hunting at the age of 6 and has since then become an experienced hunter. He strongly believes that modern people have a need for nature now more than ever and he has made it his mission to motivate people to get outside and enjoy the experiences you can't get anywhere else than in nature. Pierre strives to keep focus on the ethics that lie in the entire "value chain" of hunting. He puts an effort in securing that safety and ethics is a key element in every hunting situation and at the same time presenting it in a educational way. His strong communication skills secures that he reaches a broad variety of hunters as well as non hunters on a weekly basis through many different channels. His passion for hunting shines through and he wants to present different types of hunting to inspire everyone to try new hunting forms and explore all the different ways of hunting.

Gunnar Guđmundsson

Opinion leader, storyteller and professional arctic fox hunter.
In 2016 Gunnar Gudmundsson made his entrance to the global hunting scene with pictures that seemed from another planet. The harsh icelandic nature combined with a traditional Skothue (headwear) and lopapeysa (icelandic sweater) was something the hunting community had not seen before. Slowly Gunnar became a household name and his stories and pictures were shared with interest and excitement. Representing icelandic hunting heritage is important to Gunnar and his long instagram texts are always worth reading. He has stood his ground several times and explained why he gets paid by the government to hunt the arctic fox and not so long ago he replied to hate and misconception around catching puffins with nets. Gunnar never shies away from the challenge of explaining why he hunts and it has an effect. Gunnar has a shared instagram account with his wife Alma, who is also an avid hunter and together they continue to uphold the connection with nature and the icelandic hunting heritage.