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The Monocular Video Awards 2018 is a showcase for hunting clips and movies from all over the world, covering all aspects of hunting.

It doesn't matter if it's the first time you picked up a camera, or even your first hunt – we want to celebrate all sides of hunting and have five categories that are suitable for amateur and professional films

So, if you've made a hunting film over the last year or have a great clip of you hunting or shooting then this is your chance to win amazing hunting prizes.

Find out more below!

Award Categories

This should be a raw and unedited clip and can be filmed on either your phone, camera or video camera. We welcome all standards! See last year's shortlist for inspiration:

Best Clip 2017

Here is your chance to show off your passion for hunting in a longer edited video. There is no lower or upper limit to video length, but all sponsored films must be entered in the Professional category. See last year's shortlist for inspiration:

Best Video 2017

the Monocular recognises the most outstanding and inspired work hunters make professionally and/ or in collaboration with brands. There is no lower or upper limit to video length. See last year's shortlist for inspiration:

Best Pro Video 2017

If you've got a film of your hunting dog, we want to see it! This can be a short clip or longer, edited film. However, all sponsored films must be entered into the Professional category. See last year's shortlist for inspiration:

Best Gundog Video 2017

Nominate the hunter you know who inspires us to get outside, become better and more responsible hunters and secures that hunting culture survives for many generations. No film needed, just submit a name and your reason.





Enter Competition

The submitter & licensor gives the Monocular ApS rights to use the content under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.

Event timeline

Video submission

Sep. 13th 2018 — Jan 20th 2019

The global hunting community, brands, and production companies will be able to submit their videos to the available categories.


Jan. 21st — 27th 2019

The jury will create a shortlist of the best submissions in each category.


Feb. 1st — 28th 2019

The global hunting community will vote for the top videos within each category.

final live show

Mar. 8th 2019

The final winners will be announced at the live streamed event during IWA19 in N?remberg - March 2019


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What is TMVA?

the Monocular Video Awards have been created to celebrate the storytelling surrounding hunting and the relationship hunters have with nature, conservation and each other. We also want to recognise all the wonderful aspects and stories from hunting that can be overlooked and give back to the global hunting community.

How does it work?

Simply upload your film or clip using the form. A jury made up of experienced hunters will decide who the finalists are and we'll open this up to a public vote. The video with the most votes in each category will win, with the winners announced at the TMVA'18 live show in Nüremberg, March 2019.

Can I enter more than one category?

The Monocular Video Awards recognizes outstanding moments of hunting captured on film in a variety of categories. A video may be entered into multiple categories if appropriate. Videos entered into multiple categories will be reviewed separately for each category entered.

Who can enter?

TMVA is open to both amateur and professional filmmakers and hunters, from all over the world.

What is the Monocular?

the Monocular is a global hunting community committed to sharing authentic and engaging content to a dedicated outdoor community.